What Is Jetpack By Noah?

I get asked all the time “So…what does “Jetpack By Noah” even mean?”

Well, hi.

I’m Noah.

Nice to meet you!

I’m a real person, married father of three kids under the age of 5, and I work a demanding full-time corporate job.

Translation?  I don’t have much free time!

Can anyone relate?

But here’s the rest of my story, and how the jetpack fits in!

Let me tell you a story…

Do you remember when the original iPhone was released?

It was June 2007.

Do you remember what life was like BEFORE the iPhone?  Before smartphones?

We all had these flip phones and basically all they could do was make phone calls.

Imagine that, I know!

They could send text messages, but you had to use this thing called “T9” where you’d have to tap each letter multiple times to get the letter you wanted…it was horrible!

Many of you remember.

And then?

Then Steve Jobs changed the world by announcing the iPhone.

I wanted one.

HAD to have one!

So on the day they finally went on sale, I was at the Apple Store early to stand in line and get one before they sold out.

I was so excited!

After getting my very own, I quickly learned the best part was the iPhone was one of the rare things that lived up to the hype.

Actually, it was BETTER than the hype!

I totally loved it, and you know what else was cool?

I was the only one in my circle of friends who had one…for a long time.

Yes, they were in high demand and kept selling out, but even more than that most people didn’t want to spend the money on them because they were expensive!

Definitely not a lot of “early adopters” in my hometown.

So I’d always get people asking to see mine, hold it, surf the Internet on it…they all thought it was amazing.

And honestly, it was!

It was revolutionary at the time to hold the Internet in your hand.

Now…jump ahead a few years to 2012 and Elon Musk launched the Tesla Model S.

I wanted one SO bad!

For a long time – years – no one in my area had one.

I remember traveling out to California and seeing them out there, and I so badly wanted to buy my own!

I wanted to be the first guy driving around my town in a Tesla, mostly because I thought they were cool, but also to see everyone else watch as you drove down the street and say “what WAS that?”

But unlike the iPhone, I did NOT get to buy a Tesla before everyone else.


With the iPhone, I’d made it to a point in life where I was comfortable.

I could afford the occasional $900 purchase for something I really wanted like an iPhone.

But $90,000 for a Tesla?

I hadn’t hit that level yet.

So I didn’t get one.

And you know what…it bugged the CRAP out of me!

So much so that in 2015 I set out to learn how to make money online, because I never wanted to be in that position again.

I wanted to have the absolute freedom to purchase whatever I wanted, even if it was a $90,000 Tesla…with cash.

And so I set out to learn how to make money online.

I started in early 2015 and with a buddy as my business partner and we tried everything!

We sold products on Amazon, we started blogs, we had social media pages, we sold affiliate products, we built funnels…we tried it all!

We learned as we went.

We made some big mistakes but we also had huge successes.

We learned which companies are secretly the best for the tools you need (hint, it’s NOT GoDaddy) and we learned which ones I would never do business with ever again (I’m looking at YOU BlueHost).

And we did it all while still working our full-time jobs and putting our families first.

If you want all the secrets, tips and tricks that I learned the hard way, I’ve put it all together in a Guide that I give away for FREE right here. 

And then it happened.

Recently, I had my best month online ever.

In fact, I made more money online in that month than I’d made from all my paychecks at work for the entire month!

Yes, even factoring in taxes.

And that’s where I’m at today.

I got the iPhone.

I missed on the Tesla.

But the next BIG thing is coming.

The next EXPENSIVE big thing is coming.

The next expensive, MUST HAVE big thing is coming.

And whether it’s a flying car or a jetpack or something else, I’m going to be ready.

So…Jetpack By Noah was born!

(because let’s be honest, “Flying Car By Noah” didn’t have as good a ring to it!)

Here’s what I believe, and how I’m going to get there.

I believe if you provide enough value, there’s more than enough money to go around.

It’s not a limited pie.

Your ability to earn is unlimited…it’s just directly linked to how much unique value you can provide to the marketplace.

So I’m inviting you to join me.

I’m not worried about competition because there is WAY MORE than enough to go around.

When you create, you add value to the market – you don’t have to steal someone else’s share of the pie.

The pie grows for all of us.

The only catch?

You’ll have to put in some work.

Yup…there is no magic pill to get rich over night.

If anyone promises you that, you should run in the opposite direction.

But if you’re willing to put in the work, I’d like to give you a boost.

Because I sure wish someone would have helped me.

Let me help you avoid the pitfalls that took me several years to figure out.

Let me give you huge accelerator on the path to success.

The rest?

The rest is up to you.

Now before I wrap this up, let me make this very practical for you.

Because maybe it’s not the jetpack for you.

Maybe it’s diapers and food and clothes for your kids.

Maybe you want to be able to load up 3 boxes of diapers, a cart full of clothes and food for your kids…and then hand over that Target red card at the checkout without flinching to see if it went through.

Anyone ever felt like that?

Maybe it’s the freedom to go out to eat on a Friday night and not worry if the bill is $100?  Or $150?

Can you relate?

Maybe you want to pull into the gas station and not have to think about what you’re going to give up in order to pay for gas this week.

You with me on that?

Look, your jetpack might be different than mine.

And it will probably change over time.

It really comes down to FREEDOM.

Freedom with your money, and even more importantly freedom with your time!

If you want that kind of freedom, whether it’s the freedom to pay for a cartful of diapers or a brand new jetpack, I invite you to come along with us!

I love this stuff and I’m constantly learning and growing.

And we have an awesome community of people all growing together!

I’ll teach you what I’ve learned and what I continue to learn.

No sales pitch, nothing to sell you, just an offer to join us on the path to freedom.

Here’s how to get started:

In both places, you’ll get the chance to talk directly with me and also with thousands of other people who are on the same journey as you!

We’re much better together, and I’d love to give you the jumpstart I wish someone had given me.

I’m not a guru, just a guy who’s figured a couple things out and looking to help anyone who wants to join me.

Grab my FREE Guide below and I’ll see you on the journey! ????

Jetpack By Noah